RMT to ballot cleaners for action on Southern & Southeastern

RMT to ballot cleaners for action on Southern & Southeastern

31 August 2017

RMT Press Office:

RMT to ballot cleaners for action on Southern/GTR and Southeastern

RAIL UNION RMT signalled today that it is stepping up the fight for workplace justice for cleaners on Britain’s railways as it announced ballots for action in two separate disputes over pay and working conditions on Southern/GTR and Southeastern.

The two disputes are with Wettons, who hold the cleaning contract on Southeastern and Churchill, who hold the cleaning contract on GTR which incorporates Southern, Thameslink and Great Northern.

The ballots will both open this Monday, 4th September 2017 and will be for both strike action and action short of a strike.
RMT General Secretary, Mick Cash said:
“Rail companies who are making a fortune out of Britain’s privatised railways think nothing of treating their cleaning staff like dirt. It is disgusting and the travelling public will know full well just what an essential service the cleaning team plays on both the GTR and Southeastern routes.
“These two separate disputes have a common thread and that is the attempt to lock in low pay levels for cleaners and the continuing refusal to upgrade working conditions to a humane and acceptable level.
“RMT will not allow Southern/GTR and Southeastern to wash their hands of these disputes and the issues at their core. They let these contracts to Churchill and Wettons and they have the power to demand that they treat their workforce with dignity and respect.
“RMT remains available for talks in both disputes.”

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