RMT urges greater awareness for Seafarer's Mental Health

RMT urges greater awareness for Seafarer's Mental Health

9 July 2020

RMT Press Office:

Seafarers Awareness Week: RMT urges greater awareness for Seafarer's Mental Health

Covid-19 has thrown up some incredible challenges for the maritime industry with thousands of seafarers unable to undertake a normal changeover that either has them isolated in some part of the globe unable to return home or stuck at home facing the uncertainty of whether they will have a job to return to and the reality of they and their families finances being thrown into turmoil.

Closer to home, around the UK shores, we have unscrupulous employers in the ferry sector exploiting the global pandemic to inflict misery on our members and their families, and in the offshore industry the downturn in the global oil market has given many employers the green light to act similarly.

RMT Senior Assistant General Secretary Mick Lynch said;

“This week in particular, being Seafarers Awareness Week, we would like to highlight that we as a trade union work continuously to support our members in all of the challenges that they are facing and their wellbeing is always central to our offer of support.

“We can’t impress on our members how much they should always look out for each other and talk to each other. Sometimes it’s just as simple as taking a bit of time to listen to each other.”


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