RMT urges London Mayor to end threat of job cuts and pension attacks

RMT urges London Mayor to end threat of job cuts and pension attacks

21 April 2023

RMT Press Office:

Spending cuts, job losses and pension attacks must end, RMT has told the London Mayor today.

The tube union wrote to Sadiq Khan today, emphasising the importance of station staff to the safe running of London Underground and the need for the mayor to resist Tory budget cuts. 
In the letter, RMT general secretary Mick Lynch wrote:  "Stations were closed on 2115 occasions last year, compared with a pre-pandemic high of 649. Of course, this is only a figure for closures. More often, stations will have been left open with no staff.
"We both know that the cause of this rise in station closures is a package of cost savings that includes holding vacancies and cutting 600 station jobs, demanded by the Tory government. 
"The rank hypocrisy of Tories attacking you for the consequences of delivering their cuts is deplorable but predictable. Yet I’m sure that you share my concern about the strain that is being placed on London Underground by these cuts.
"I also fully agree with your comments, reported in the Evening Standard, that tube staff, who worked throughout he pandemic to maintain a reliable service, do not deserve the “sword of Damocles” hanging over them in the form of attacks on their pensions. Yet still, RMT members face changes to their pensions that could double their contributions and cut their pensions by a third.
"This situation cannot go on. I urge you to refuse to make further spending cuts on London Underground. The roll out of 600 job cuts on tube stations must stop. Pension attacks must be ruled out. Current plans for reductions in jobs and changes to working conditions, across train crew and engineering functions must stop.
"My members are delivering on productivity daily. TfL has forecast a £75m surplus on budget this year. Passenger numbers are rising faster than forecast. It is time to say enough is enough. I call on you to reject government demands for cuts and to campaign alongside your staff and RMT for a fair funding arrangement for London’s public transport system and to defend the jobs, pensions and agreements of London Underground workers."

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