RMT warning over back to work Monday

RMT warning over back to work Monday

3 August 2020

RMT Press Office:

RMT warns that confused Government messaging could lead to widespread breaches of public and staff safety on Boris Johnson's "back to work" Monday.

Transport union RMT has warned that confused and conflicted Government messaging could lead to widespread breaches of public health measures on masks and social distancing as Boris Johnson urges people to "get back to work" today whilst at the same time suggesting in large parts of the country that the lockdown should be tightened again.

RMT is warning that the confused messaging could send a surge of passengers onto tubes, trains and buses today without adequate staffing, police or monitoring resources to ‎manage flows and maintain basic safety standards and represents a massive gamble on the part of the Government at a time when the focus is shifting to increased infection rates.

RMT Senior Assistant General Secretary Mick Lynch said;

"The confused and conflicted messaging from the Government risks placing transport workers right in the firing line again as Boris Johnson calls for a return to work just at the same point that he is tightening up lockdown measures in response to a rise in infection rates. This is a high risk strategy and at this critical time no one should be gambling with the safety of ‎passengers and staff.

"RMT reps on the ground will continue to monitor the situation and this trade union will continue to take whatever action is required to protect the safety and livelihoods of our members."


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