RMT warning over new Government proposals

RMT warning over new Government proposals

18 March 2021

RMT Press Office:

Carillion union RMT warns that new Government proposals will not be enough to reign in Britain's bandit capitalists.

Carilllion union RMT warned today that proposed measures to tighten up the audit, dividend and bonus culture after the devastating collapse of a number of household names, with dire consequences for the workforce, may not be enough to reign in the culture of bandit capitalism.

Commenting on measures being outlined by the Government today RMT General Secretary Mick Cash said ;

“Once again these measures smell of big business regulating and policing big business without any reference to the workers on the shop floor and at the sharp end. The danger is that the bandit capitalists will be able to duck and dive their way around this proposed legislation leaving the workforce to take the hit yet again.

“As we move out of the current COVID lockdown in the coming months we know that there will be intense pressure on jobs, pay and pensions and we are already seeing bosses using the pandemic as an excuse to fire and rehire while looking to protect their own profits and dividends. That post-COVID hammering down on jobs and livelihoods is set to become the next big corporate scandal.

“What we also know is that these companies cannot be trusted on our transport network and instead of hoping that they might clean up their act they should be cleaned out and replaced by publicly owned operations that value their staff above corporate greed.”


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