RMT warns of "creeping privatisation"

RMT warns of

20 July 2015

RMT Press Office

RMT warns of "creeping privatisation" as key sections of Network Rail are lined up for sell off

RAIL UNION RMT warned today that the Government has fired the starting gun on the creeping re-privatisation of Network Rail as it was confirmed that six key sections of the organisations business are to be tendered out.


The “big four” accountancy firms are all vying for sections of the corporate functions which include finance, infrastructure and accounting services.


Even more alarmingly, big banks, including NM Rothschild are eying up “equity execution advice” roles which are expected to include working out ways to begin the re-privatisation of Network Rail on a piece-by-piece basis under the direction of the Government and the recently appointed “special director” to the NR board who is directly answerable to the Transport Secretary.


One of the NM Rothschild senior players was also an advisor to the privatised Railtrack which collapsed into chaos leading to the creation of Network Rail.


RMT General Secretary Mick Cash said:


“This Government have wasted no time in re-organising Network Rail to fit their agenda and in pressing ahead with what RMT believes to be an ideologically-driven programme of “creeping privatisation” which will fire the starting gun on a graduated return to the days of Railtrack.


“RMT is under no illusions. There has been detailed work underway behind the scenes looking at ways and means of farming Network Rail back out to the private sector by stealth in a piecemeal fashion. However, the Government area also well aware that the public remembers only too well the lethal days of Railtrack and the privatisation disaster which led our railways to the scandals of Hatfield, Potters Bar and other incidents which forced the creation of Network Rail.


“RMT will continue to fight for public ownership of our railways including the retention of Network Rail within the public sector.”

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