‎RMT warns of disastrous consequences from new GTR timetable

‎RMT warns of disastrous consequences from new GTR timetable

15 May 2018

RMT Press Office

‎RMT warns of disastrous consequences from new timetable plans of basket-case GTR franchise

RMT General Secretary Mick Cash said:

“The planned new timetable on GTR will place massive additional strains on infrastructure and staffing levels that are already struggling to cope with current capacity. The company are winging it with potentially disastrous consequences. RMT has warned repeatedly about the pressure on the central core through the middle of London which is crucial to the delivery of these plans.

“It also remains a fact that this company have proved themselves unfit to run a railway since they were inflicted on a long suffering public. From attacking their own staff to axing safety-critical guards and ignoring the views of passenger and disability groups their track record is truly shocking.

“Instead of trusting them with a new timetable they should be stripped of the franchise to make way for an integrated, publicly owned operation that is properly equipped to deliver these services.”


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