RMT welcomes MPs backing for keeping guards on Merseyrail

RMT welcomes MPs backing for keeping guards on Merseyrail

6 July 2017

RMT Press Office:

In advance of strike action to take place on Merseyrail rail union RMT has welcomed the backing of MPs to keep the guard on Merseyrail trains.

 A motion has been tabled in parliament by Liverpool Walton MP Dan Carden and supported by City of Chester MP Chris Matheson amongst others.

The motion “recognizes the vital role that guards play in providing advice and assistance and deterring criminal and anti-social behaviour; acknowledges that guards have essential skills and training to enable them to carry out safety critical duties including dealing with fire, evacuations and driver incapacity.”

The motion also says:

“the cuts [to guards] are being proposed despite Merseyrail paying out up to £14 million a year or one quarter of all passenger income, in dividends believes that guards are vital for passenger service safety and security; and therefore calls for guards to be retained on Merseyrail trains.”

RMT General Secretary Mick Cash said,

“This renewed political support for the RMT campaign to keep the guard on Merseyrail trains follows the Labour Party’s popular manifesto policy opposing any further expansion of Driver Only Trains.

“The MPs also rightly point out that there is no need for these cuts when Merseyrail are making such huge profits.

“There is now massive political and public opposition to getting rids of guards and we can only assume that Merseyrail are being driven on by an old fashioned, union busting, profit maximizing agenda.

“We are once again calling for meaningful talks so that we can reach a deal similar to those elsewhere where new trains are being introduced which keep the guard.”




 Early Day Motion 112


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