RMT welcomes MPs call for Greater Anglia to settle dispute

RMT welcomes MPs call for Greater Anglia to settle dispute

5 May 2018

RMT Press Office:

RMT welcomes MPs call for Greater Anglia to settle Guards’ dispute and for Greater Anglia’s Dutch state owners to stop profiting from cutting Guards

On the day of the latest phase of industrial action on rail safety RMT has welcomed a call from a parliamentary motion parliament calling on Greater Anglia to settle the long running Guards’ dispute.

The motion tabled by MPs, including Ipswich MP Sandy Martin and Norwich MP Clive Lewis, notes that:

“Greater Anglia is part owned by Abellio … and ….that, when introducing new trains on its franchise in Scotland, was able to reach an agreement with the RMT… in retaining the guarantee of the guard on and believes that if Abellio in Scotland can reach such an agreement with the RMT then it can reach agreement on Greater Anglia.”

The motion also notes the fact Abellio is owned by Dutch State rail and argues that:

“Dutch state railways should cut their profits so passengers can keep the guarantee of guards on Greater Anglia services.”

RMT General Secretary Mick Cash said


“We welcome this support from MPs, who have rightly recognised the fact that if Greater Anglia’s owners Abellio, who also run train services in Scotland, can reach an agreement in Scotland with RMT then there is no reason why they cannot reach a similar agreement with RMT on Greater Anglia.


“The MPs are also right to highlight the scandal that as Greater Anglia and Abellio are ultimately owned by Dutch State  railways then the Dutch rail will profit on the back of the cuts to our Guards.”


"Once again, I would like to congratulate our members for their continuous show of strength and solidarity throughout this long dispute which is solely about putting rail safety before private profit.


"‎The union also thanks the travelling public for their support and understanding throughout our campaign to put safety and access to services for everyone using our railways right at the top of the agenda.


"RMT remains available for genuine and meaningful talks with the company."



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