RMT welcomes rock solid 48-hour strike across the railways

RMT welcomes rock solid 48-hour strike across the railways

14 December 2022

RMT Press Office:

The union today congratulated its 40,000 members for taking 48 hours strike action which effectively shut down the railway across the country.

RMT is due to meet the rail minister and industry chiefs tomorrow in a bid to come to a negotiated settlement on job security, pay and working conditions on Network Rail and the Train Operating Companies

General Secretary Mick Lynch said: "I congratulate RMT members who have shown enormous dignity and rock-solid fortitude throughout this 48-hour strike.

"They have shown how important their work is to the functioning of the economy and wider society.

"All they want is a negotiated settlement on job security, a decent pay rise and good working conditions.

"And they are determined to continue their industrial campaign until an agreed resolution is achieved.

"Multimillion pound train companies are once again indemnified for any losses suffered through strike action.

"If all 16 days of action go ahead, over £300m pounds will have been spent by the taxpayer to ensure they suffer no financial detriment.

"The cost-of-living crisis is accelerating out of control and the trade union movement is stepping up to the plate across multiple industries to protect workers.

"We send our heartfelt solidarity to the nurses and their union the RCN on their historic strike tomorrow, along with our heroic postal workers who are striking on issues very similar to our own.

"Unity in our movement is now more vital than ever with the ramping up of attacks from the government.

"The rich have never been richer, and millions are struggling to feed themselves or heat their homes this winter.

"There needs to be a rebalancing of society where workers that create the wealth are rewarded properly for their endeavours and that will help create a happier and more prosperous country."


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