RMT win pay rise on London Underground

 RMT win pay rise on London Underground

15 February 2024

Tube union, RMT secured a pay rise on LU following threats of mass strike action.

Representing around 10,000 members on the network, the lowest paid will see their wages rise by between 8-10%.

Other workers will see a 5% rise with consolidated payments of £1000.

Those members on less than £40,000 will get an additional consolidated payment.

RMT also secured progress towards enhanced travel facilities on national rail services.

The union will be seeking to address the pay bands issue and review of additional travel benefits for staff will be setup as part of 2024 pay discussions.

RMT general secretary Mick Lynch said: “Only through our members fortitude and commitment to an industrial action mandate have we managed to secure a negotiated settlement.

“Strong organised trades unionism where members are prepared to take action gets results.

“We will now seek to address the issue of pay bands and staff travel in this year’s pay round.”


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