RMT writes to MPs over ticket offices

RMT writes to MPs over ticket offices

4 November 2022

RMT Press Office:

Joint letter to MPs

In a joint letter signed by an array of campaign organisations and charities. including Disability Rights UK, Royal National Institute for Deaf People
The Equality Trust and Transport for All, it sets out the case for keeping ticket offices open.
The overwhelming majority are set to close, and the union believes this will not only lead to unacceptable job losses but severely disadvantage the disabled vulnerable and elderly. 
RMT also highlighted the fact Driver Only Operation (DOO) which would mean train guards not being required to be on train services in order to assist passengers, was back on the agenda. 
The letter states: "We believe that these policies would inevitably lead to an extensive de-staffing of the rail network and that there would be a significant impact on the accessibility of the railway for your constituents, particularly deaf, disabled and older people. 
"We understand that the following ticket office/s are in your constituency and at risk of closure: Disabled people already face numerous barriers in accessing the railway, and subsequently are three times less likely to travel by rail than non-disabled people.
"Staff play a vital role in ensuring the rail network is accessible and many disabled and older people rely on the presence of staff to be able to travel. 
"Staff provide assistance to passengers at the station and on to the train.
The letter also points out: "In 2019, the Equalities and Human Rights Commission wrote to the Chair of the Transport Select Committee and warned that the combination of DOO and unstaffed stations could ‘represent a diminution of protection for disabled people’ and ‘potentially be a breach of the Equality Act’.
"We believe that there is a very real risk that the current policies being pursued by the Government and rail companies could ultimately mean that many disabled people are excluded from using the railway altogether. We believe that this would be a breach of equalities legislation."
In conclusion, the signatories urge the local Conservative MP to oppose the closures and to take up their concerns directly with the government. 
•  Over 75% of Conservative MPs have one or more ticket office in their constituency which is at risk of closure.
•  70% of ticket offices at risk of closure are in Conservative constituencies

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