RMT's Bob Crow on today's tube fare hike

RMT's Bob Crow on today's tube fare hike

19 January 2014

Geoff Martin

RMT General Secretary Bob Crow said: “Far from ushering in a freeze on fares today as he has claimed, the Mayor’s entire transport strategy is dependent on above inflation fare increases for seven years tied in to a programme of job cuts, attacks on safety and the closures of ticket offices that will combine together to make services a no-go zone for the vulnerable, low-paid, those with disabilities and women travelling alone late at night.

“The facts are that the Mayor has lied about keeping ticket offices open, has lied about freezing fares and is now at it again on the consequences for safety and services of the jobs cuts programme that RMT members have voted to fight. The battle to stop this relentless assault on London's transport users and transport staff is well and truly on.”

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