Save P&O Jobs

Save P&O Jobs

22 March 2022

RMT Press Office:

Protests in Liverpool Wednesday and Saturday.

RMT members will be joined by other activists this week in Liverpool for two demonstrations to protest against the sacking of 800 workers by P&O.

The protests will be taking place on Weds 23rd March 0700 and Saturday 26th March 0700 at the Port of Liverpool L21 LA

The demonstrations will demand the reinstatement of the P&O workers and call on government to take action against P&O and their parent company DP World to ensure that happens.

RMT General Secretary Mick Lynch said;

“The two protests in Liverpool on Wednesday and Saturday will be sending a clear message to P&O and DP World that this shameful act of industrial vandalism must be overturned.

“It will also be a message for government that the weakness in UK employment law has not only allowed the mass dismissing of UK seafarers but has also incentivised this barbaric behaviour because employers know there may be no effective sanction to stop them doing so and on top of that they can get away with paying below the minimum wage.

“Anyone travelling the Liverpool-Dublin route on P&O will be paying into the pockets of a company that uses handcuffs to enforce video sackings and pays staff below the minimum wage and atrocious employment conditions. That's why we are saying Don't go with P&O and are calling for a boycott of these services.”

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