ScotRail scab managers given packed lunches

ScotRail scab managers given packed lunches

14 May 2021

RMT Press Office:

ScotRail scab managers given packed lunches and luxury working condi‎tions in bid to break conductors and ticket examiners action

RAIL UNION RMT today accused Abellio ScotRail of trying to turn safety-critical operations on their trains into a holiday camp for scab managers as it revealed that those hired in to break the ongoing action are being treated to high-end lunch boxes and luxury working conditions ‎in a bid to break ongoing strike action.

Conductors and ticket examiners will be striking again this Sunday in two separate disputes over the same issue of justice and equality over the issue of enhanced payments for rest day working – simply bringing them into line with arrangements for other ScotRail grades.

General Secretary Mick Lynch said:

“Not only are Abellio playing fast and loose on safety by drafting in managers to scab on the dispute with only cursory training ‎but they are also treating it like a beano with packed lunches and the kind of treatment permanent staff could only dream of.

“It's a disgrace that rather than sitting down with the union to negotiate a way forwards ScotRail are taking this cavalier and contemptuous approach to their front-line staff, the taxpayer and the travelling public.

“I want to pay tribute to RMT ScotRail members who have stood firm in the fight for pay justice and equality throughout this dispute in the teeth of abuse, hostility and provocation from the employer.

“The action goes ahead again Sunday and it is about time the political leaders and Transport Scotland put a stop to this trashing of the image and reputation of the rail network across the nation. RMT remains available for talks and it’s about time Abellio stopped these stupid games and got ‎round the negotiating table.”

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