Scotrail staff in fight for equality solidly supported

Scotrail staff in fight for equality solidly supported

20 June 2021

RMT Press Office:

Strike action by Scotrail staff in fight for equality solidly supported again today‎ as Abellio accused of setting their workforce up for violence and abuse.

RAIL UNION RMT said that‎ strike action by Scotrail staff in a fight for equality and workplace justice over enhanced payments for rest day working is being solidly supported again today‎ after a week in which Abellio sunk to a new low with vile tweets seeking to turn Scottish football fans against their rail workers.

RMT says that the incendiary tweets were designed to provoke a reaction and could easily lead to violence and abuse against Scotrail staff - a situation the union describes as disgusting and despicable.

RMT General Secretary Mick Lynch said:

“I want to pay tribute to our ScotRail members who are standing firm once again on the latest day of strike action in this dispute which is all about basic pay justice and equality with other grades.

"It is frankly disgusting that these same staff, who have kept Scotland’s key workers moving during the pandemic, have been repaid with a kick in the teeth from this greedy and aggressive company. Yet again Abellio have resorted to attacking their own ‎workers this week rather than resolving this dispute. They have made no effort whatsoever to talk to us.

“This week's tweets from Scotrail trying to turn football fans against their own staff are a new low. Provoking potential violence and abuse against our members is disgusting and despicable and a measure of the values of this company.

“The political leadership in Scotland can no longer sit on the fence and ignore these disputes in their back yard. It's time for serious talks, a serious approach to workplace fairness and justice and a serious solution to ‎be reached. The politicians should be helping us to achieve just that.

“Our campaign of action will continue and the union stands shoulder to shoulder with our conductor and ticket examiner members in this fight for pay equality with other grades.”

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