Solidarity Message from KPTU

Solidarity Message from KPTU

6 February 2014


RMT today received a message of solidarity from the Korean Federation of Public Services and Transportation Workers' Union

In Support of the Struggle of London Underground Workers against Job Cuts and Structural Adjustment To our brothers and sisters in the London subway, The Korean Federation of Public Services and Transportation Workers’ Unions (KPTU) and our affiliates in the KPTU Rail-Subway Council fully support your struggle to stop the closure of ticket offices, reduction of station jobs and overall restructuring in the London Underground. Subway station workers carry out functions that are essential to safety and maintaining the subway as a quality public service. Workers who have been employed in these jobs deserve to be treated with dignity, not reshuffled or caste aside as the LU and TfL’s plan calls for.

Around the world, public transport workers’ conditions and labor rights are under attack. Like you, Korean subway and railway workers have for years fought against restructuring and worsening conditions, which have a direct impact on service quality. For these actions we have faced severe labor repression including criminal charges, imprisonment and dismissals. While labor repression does not take the same form in the UK, we know it take greats courage to mobilize for and take strike action. We are greatly inspired by your willingness to make this stand in the face of injustice. Brothers and sisters, the KPTU and our subway and railway members stand in solidarity with you and will fight with you to the end. We are confident that with determination and unity you will be victorious in your struggle.

In solidarity

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