Southern management walk out of talks

Southern management walk out of talks

29 April 2016

RMT Press Office:

Southern management walk out of talks and issue further threatening letter to guards.

Southern Rail management have today walked out of talks around the guards safety-dispute across the franchise and have ratcheted up the temperature by issuing a threatening letter to staff asking them to sign an undertaking that they will take no further strike action and threatening sanctions if they refuse.

General Secretary Mick Cash  said

“Not only have Southern management today collapsed the talks process but they have also dished out forms to sign to give an undertaking that our members will not take part in any further industrial action during this dispute. RMT has issued guidance to members that they are under no obligation to sign this form and recommending that they bin it. This is a deliberate attempt to pour fuel on the flames and deflect attention from the core safety issue at the heart of this dispute.

“The form asks members to commit to working extra days, extra hours, working rest days and overtime on strike days. It then goes on to say that members  won't be guaranteed extra work. In effect, that means that they want staff to put on record that they are willing to break the strike, but that they won’t  be needed and won't be paid.

“Southern/GTR management are now stooping so low during this dispute that their actions are not only contemptible but would also be laughable if this dispute was not so serious. Their actions are undermining any attempts to seek a negotiated solution to this dispute as they have put out this form on the very day that important talks are taking place. We can only assume that they do not want to find a settlement to this dispute as they are issuing intimidating threats, provoking members at every opportunity and acting like the worst kind of playground bullies.

“Southern know that our members are determined to see justice is won in this dispute. Southern management also know that the public are on our side on the fundamental issue at the heart of this dispute which is safe staffing of our railways. Our members have been advised to ignore the threats, ignore the bullying and ignore the intimidation.

“The union is united nationally behind our members on Southern and determined to win a victory that protects and enhances rail safety.” 




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