Southern/Gatwick Express & Govia Thameslink Railway

Southern/Gatwick Express & Govia Thameslink Railway

30 November 2015


2015 Pay Dispute

Our Ref: BR2/0001

30th November 2015

Dear Colleague,

Southern/Gatwick Express & Govia Thameslink Railway 2015 Pay Dispute

Referring to our previous correspondence, I write to advise you of the latest developments in the matter of your pay. Your negotiating team had another meeting with GTR management on Friday 27th November 2015 but despite our best efforts, management did not come up with any improvements to their pay offer. You have already clearly rejected their pay offer in the referendums your union held earlier this month.

The main reasons why you and your union have rejected the company’s offer are as follows.

Thameslink/Great Northern

•    The 2.5 % pay offer is not acceptable and we are looking for a higher offer
•    There is no new technology payment for revenue and station staff
•    Nothing on a reduction in the working week for revenue members

Southern (excluding Engineers)

•    No offer of a premium rate for overtime and rest day working
•    No movement to improve staffing levels which are under establishment across the company. The company is deliberately keeping vacancies unfilled, so putting pressure on all staff

Southern Engineers

•    Again, no offer of a premium rate for overtime and rest day working

•    The company have not come up with the improvements to pay and conditions which they promised in the summer. These are especially necessary in this department, to stop the exodus of engineers to better jobs elsewhere, which is putting pressure on the engineers who are staying with the company

All members

•    The £450 per year minimum pay rise only helps those earning under £18,000 per year. We believe the minimum level should be higher to help those on rates of pay above this.

Your union knows that you will not bow to the threats in the company’s last letter.  Management knew that what they asked of this union is not possible under the democratic procedure your union has for dealing with pay claims.

RMT will ballot you, our members, for industrial action unless the company can come up with a better pay offer which meets your aspirations.  RMT Head Office staff is working hard to prepare this ballot so that it meets the strict requirements of the anti-Trade Union laws.
The RMT will keep you fully informed of any developments on the 2015 pay claim.

I would respectfully ask that you please attend your branch meetings, where you can get more information about what is going on and discuss this extremely important matter with your fellow colleagues. If there have been any changes to your details, e.g. job title, workplace location or contact details, please contact the helpline on 0800 376 3706 or alternatively, email

Yours sincerely
Mick Cash
General Secretary

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