SUD-Rail Federation - France solidarity message

SUD-Rail Federation - France solidarity message

6 February 2014


From Paris today RMT received a message of solidarity from our comrades in France.

Paris, February 6th, 2014





SUD-Rail federation, french railworkers union, member of Solidaires and Solidaires-Transport, in the name of french railway workers, wish to express its solidarity to RMT and London Tube workers on strike


SUD-rail federation is a french railmen union member of an interprofessional union’s organisation:  Solidaires. SUD-Rail members are working in the main french rail as in private rail compagnies.  Solidaires works by consensus, based on continuous research of what unites rather than what divides. This means finding the best way to work together, avoiding institutionalization, power delegation and superstructures, which are all too common in traditional national trade unions. Solidaires national union aims to help reform union activities, giving a taste for collective action back to the workers with the goal to promote unity in action and to unite the efforts of all unions which are fighting liberalism and capitalism. This will happen by open discussion at all level, beginning with the concerns and demands of workers.

SUD-Rail, and others transport unions also organise themselves in Solidaires Transport.


In France and in Europe, we are struggling against government and employer’ organisations which promote privatisation, fragmentation, social dumping, outsourcing and attacks on collective employment conditions and workers’ rights.


European Union with governments’ complicity is continualy working on ‘opening’ market in all areas of transport instead, by exemple, of cooperation between national rail compagnies. European railway area is a market for monopoly finance.


SUD-Rail support struggles for a better pay, a better work conditions, for jobs and safety.

SUD-Rail will support any actions RMT will organize to fight against cuts or for safety issue.


Solidarity forever ! Workers of the World Unite!


For SUD-Rail Federation,

Emmanuelle Bigot

Frédéric Michel

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