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Support for the RMT strike at the Govia Thameslink Railway

9 August 2016

From National Union of Norwegian Locomotivemen

Comrades of the RMT !

The National Union of Norwegian Locomotive men (NLF) strongly supports your strike against the planned introduction of driver only operation in the GTR company.
All railwayworkers know that well trained on-board staff plays a crucial role in passenger safety and security. The locomotive driver alone, can never provide this service towards the passengers. This is especially evident in downgraded or emergency situations or when passengers are facing physical threats onboard.
The reason why GTR Southern is introducing driver only operation, is quite clear. It has nothing to do with improving the situation and service for the passengers, but is only for increasing the profit of the owners, the Go-Ahead Group and the French SNCF.

This is totally unacceptable, and shows the real face of the privatised railways !
We wish our comrades of the RMT every sucsess in stopping this attack on passenger safety and security!

Rolf Jorgensen
Chairman of the National Union of Norwegian Locomotivemen

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