TfL refuse RMT's offer to suspend strike action

TfL refuse RMT's offer to suspend strike action

8 November 2022

RMT Press Office:

Strikes on London Underground will go ahead Thursday after TfL refused to reach a compromise that would have suspended the action.

Tube union RMT, asked TfL to pause job cuts and detrimental pension changes to give both sides the space to come to a negotiated settlement.
RMT proposed to TfL bosses today that they: 
- Suspend the implementation of 600 station job cuts until the end of this year.
- Make a clear statement that LUL would not agree to detrimental attacks on tube workers' pensions arising out the current pension review that they are conducting with the government.
However, arrogant tube bosses refused to be reasonable and agree to the proposal. saying they would press ahead with their plans, meaning that LU staff have no choice but to go ahead with Thursday's strike action.
RMT general secretary Mick Lynch said: "TfL have missed a golden opportunity to make progress in these negotiations and avoid strike action on Thursday.
"Our members are resolute in their determination to see a just settlement to this jobs and pensions dispute.
"And they will continue their industrial campaign for as long as it takes.
"TfL need to start making compromises and work with the union to reach a deal that works for staff and avoids further disruption to the lives of passengers."

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