Ticket examiners join Conductors in ScotRail pay justice fight

Ticket examiners join Conductors in ScotRail pay justice fight

2 May 2021

RMT Press Office:

Ticket examiners and conductors solidly supporting strike action today in Scotrail fight for pay justice and equality.

RAIL UNION RMT said today that strike action involving ScotRail conductors and ticket examiners in two separate disputes over the same issue of equality between grades in payments for rest day working is being solidly supported right across the franchise.

RMT General Secretary Mick Cash said:

“Ticket examiners and conductors are solidly supporting the strike action today and we continue to wait for a positive response from Scotrail operator Abellio to our repeated call for talks aimed at resolving this long-running dispute.

“With elections this week there has also been a deafening silence from the political leadership in Scotland who are more interested in securing their own futures than they are in putting pressure on Transport Scotland and the ScotRail operators to play fair by their staff who have been out there on the frontline throughout the COVID pandemic.

"Once again this week we have seen staff subjected to smears and abuse by their employer. ‎Those staff have been caught in the crossfire of blatant manoeuvring between Abellio and Transport Scotland with TS demanding that the company hold down costs rather than treating our members fairly and Abellio more than happy to cancel services rather than talk to the union. It is ludicrous.

“It must be crystal clear to Abellio and Transport Scotland by now that this fight for basic equality and justice is not going away. RMT remains available for talks and it’s about time the company started acting responsibly and took up that offer.”

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