Total chaos on Southern Rail and Gatwick Express last night

Total chaos on Southern Rail and Gatwick Express last night

2 November 2016

RMT Press Office

RMT General Secretary Mick Cash said;

"It's all very well Southern trying to blame Network Rail for the chaos that hit services last night but the fact remains that if the company wasn't hoarding £100 million in profits that cash could be invested in renewals and maintenance, easing the intolerable pressure on our rail infrastructure.

"It is also a fact that it was our members, on the trains and stations, who were left to deal with the anger of passengers and the lethal overcrowding, not Charles Horton and his team of top bosses who are insulated from life in the real world. If anyone wanted an explanation as to why the workforce are so angry at Southern's repeated attacks on them, and their safety-critical role, just take a close look at last night's events.

"Passengers will be rightly demanding to know whatever happened to Chris Grayling's £20 million Southern Rail Task Force stunt. It is time for the Transport Secretary to get out of his bunker, stop patronising staff and the public and get round the table with the unions and the company to sort the deep-seated problems wrecking services and safety on Southern and he should start with the on-going guards and drivers disputes.‎"

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