Transfer of Docklands Light Railway Contract from Serco

Transfer of Docklands Light Railway Contract from Serco

12 November 2014


Our Ref: DLR/15/10

Our Ref: DLR/15/10

12th November 2014

Dear Colleagues,

Transfer of Docklands Light Railway Contract from Serco to Keolis/Amey Docklands (K.A.D.)

As you and your colleagues will be aware, it was the intention of your Union in line with members’ wishes, to conduct a ballot for industrial action amongst affected members over detrimental changes to your terms and conditions as a result of Serco Docklands losing the DLR contract. RMT advised Serco of our serious concerns and the hope was that the Companies would appreciate that this course of action demonstrated members’ strength of feeling and would take steps to resolve the issues.

Regrettably and instead of assisting in a resolution, the Company challenged our ballot on legal grounds using the anti-trade union laws. The main reason being that as Serco will not be your employer from 7th December, the situation is nothing to do with them and as such is outside of their control. The Union is also restricted under the same laws from taking any action against Keolis/Amey Docklands until after the transfer date.

However, members can rest assured that any negative alterations to your pay or terms and conditions will be met with the fiercest resistance from this Union using all means at our disposal going forward, up to and including industrial action.

This whole situation is as a result of the Government franchising out services wherever possible for the benefit of shareholders and at the expense of hard-working employees terms and conditions. RMT continues to campaign and fight to bring all services in-house and the General Grades Committee has also taken the decision to raise this matter through our Parliamentary Group.

I will of course keep you advised of all further developments.

Yours sincerely
Mick Cash
General Secretary

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