Tube drivers action on Central, Waterloo and City solid

Tube drivers action on Central, Waterloo and City solid

26 January 2017

RMT Press Office:

Tube drivers action on Central, Waterloo and City Lines solid in all depots this morning.

 Mick Cash, RMT General Secretary, said:

“Pickets are out in force this morning, picket lines are being respected and the support for the action is absolutely solid in all depots. This action has been provoked by a pointless and aggressive approach by London Underground that is entirely cash led and which was always going to spark an angry backlash and this exactly what has happened. Despite repeated warnings from the union management have ploughed on regardless.

“Let us be in no doubt, if LU are allowed to get away with this move on the Central Line they will start shunting drivers around the combine at the drop of a hat regardless of the consequences. Our members will be sent out from pillar to post to plug gaps that are solely down to staffing shortages. With massive budget cuts in the pipeline at LU this is a straw in the wind as to how the company expects to operate in the future.

“Staff across London Underground are angry and prepared to stand up and be counted the company would be wise to recognise that. RMT remains available for serious talks.”


An RMT press picture hand out is attached from the picket at Leytonstone this morning. Credit: RMT


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