Tube Power Control Strike Action remains ON

Tube Power Control Strike Action remains ON

30 June 2014

RMT Press Office

JOINT STRIKE action by trade unions representing Power Control Room staff on London Underground remained on this morning as management stalled for time in last ditch ACAS talks while union negotiators look to thrash out a settlement.

The dispute is over attacks on pensions, length of service, working conditions and the futures of the staff who supply the power to the entire tube network from their base in Blackfriars. Action by the workers, set to run for eight days, has the potential to close the entire system if an agreement isn’t reached.

The action is due to run between:-

20:00 hours on Tuesday 1st July 2014 until 19:59 hours on Wednesday 9th July 2014.

Mick Cash RMT acting general secretary said

"This dispute is over an all-out attack on the power control grade that would hit pensions, length of service and working conditions and damage the futures of this key group of tube workers. Management’s claim that they can run the system without them is both provocative and dangerous.

"These staff are effectively the national grid for London Underground and this action will have the most severe consequences for tube operations but has been forced on us by management wrecking the earlier talks. We have a chance today to resolve the dispute but that means that the management side need to get out of their trenches and engage with us in the ACAS negotiations. "


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