Tube strike shuts London Underground

Tube strike shuts London Underground

15 March 2023

RMT Press Office:

Over 10,000 RMT members have today shut London Underground in a strike over pensions, job cuts and attacks on working conditions.

The job losses planned will affect every aspect of the tube including stations and maintenance, leading to the likelihood of more unstaffed stations and a lowering of safety standards. 

Workers from across London Underground set up picket lines across most major tube stations, ensuring that London Underground was completely shutdown.

RMT joins several unions taking strike action today across the economy on a variety of industrial matters, including better pay, good working conditions and job security.

The union wrote to London Mayor Sadiq Khan yesterday outlining how job cuts must be halted and that safety of the travelling public was foremost in tube workers minds.

General Secretary Mick Lynch said: "I congratulate all our London Underground members who have taken part in this strike action today.

"It shows how determined we are to reach a negotiated settlement to this long running dispute.

"Attacks on pensions, conditions and job losses will not be tolerated and the travelling public needs to understand that understaffed and unstaffed stations are unsafe.

"We will continue our industrial campaign for as long as it takes."

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