Unipart Rail workers on strike today in Crewe

Unipart Rail workers on strike today in Crewe

12 July 2023

RMT Press Office:

Engineers, clerical staff and production operatives working for Unipart Rail are on strike today in a row over pay.

RMT members were offered a derisory 4.75% which they flatly rejected.
However, Unipart bosses have failed to send a representative of senior management to meet with the union, demonstrating their contempt of the collective bargaining process.
This is the second day of strike action Unipart rail workers have taken following a 24-hour stoppage last week.
Unipart Group scored a 27.1 percent increase in profits for 2022 financial year.
RMT general secretary Mick Lynch said: "Unipart Rail is behaving so arrogantly by not even attempting to negotiate a way through this dispute with RMT.
"Unipart workers do a vital job in Crewe and need a pay rise that reflects the continuing cost of living crisis.
"The current offer is an insult particularly when you consider the increased profits within the Unipart Group.
"Our industrial campaign will continue until our members achieve a negotiated settlement."

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