Victoria Line Tube drivers to strike as LU renege on pledges

Victoria Line Tube drivers to strike as LU renege on pledges

14 November 2019

RMT Press Office:

Tube union RMT confirmed today that drivers on the Victoria Line will strike later this month after the company reneged on a series of pledges designed to resolve a long-running dispute on the line over a comprehensive and fundamental break down in industrial relations.

Following a unanimous vote in favour of taking strike action by RMT members in a ballot concluded back in July 2019, strike action had been scheduled. This action was suspended as a result of progress made during discussions held under the auspices of conciliation service ACAS.

However, despite an agreement reached at the conclusion of the Acas talks, management have since reneged on their commitment and RMT members continue to face London Underground's inability to manage its own local management whose abuses of procedures, agreements, pay arrangements and constant harassment of staff are at the heart of the dispute. RMT has said from the off that the appalling treatment of our members on the Victoria Line is completely unacceptable, particularly as the deal reached at Acas resulted in industrial action being suspended.

As a result of London Undergrounds actions, and following discussions with local representatives, RMT’s National Executive Committee has declared industrial action in order to focus management's minds to resolve this dispute. Members are instructed not to book on for shifts which commence between:

22.00 hours on Wednesday 27th November 2019 and 22.00 hours on Thursday 28th November 2019

RMT general secretary Mick Cash said:

“It is extraordinary that LU seriously believed that they could get away with mugging off drivers on the Victoria Line by making promises inside ACAS and then pulling them away the moment that they step out into the daylight. LU’s actions are deliberately provocative and the announcement of action later this month is solely down to their childish behaviour.

“I have informed London Underground that the union remains available for talks to resolve this matter, but such talks have to be genuine, honest and based on mutual respect and trust. RMT representatives will not be treated with contempt by a management that says it has reached an agreement only for them to rip up such agreements when the talks have concluded.”


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