Virgin West Coast Mainline cleaners to strike

Virgin West Coast Mainline cleaners to strike

6 June 2014

RMT Press Office

RAIL UNION RMT confirmed today that cleaners at Manchester’s Longsight train care depot looking after Virgin West Coast’s fleet will strike next week over the victimisation and appalling mistreatment of a work colleague and union activist.

The dispute is over the disgraceful treatment of RMT member Simon Upton. RMT is in no doubt that the reason for his dismissal is because of his trade union activities. As a result of the false accusations made against Simon by local managers, Voith has failed to reinstate or reach an agreement over his dismissal. Furthermore, the RMT believes that Voith has failed to adhere to the company’s Disciplinary Procedures and should withdraw all charges against our member.

The truth is that Voith has shown scant regard to any form of meaningful approach to negotiations with the union to resolve this dispute and RMT will not tolerate such contempt towards our membership.

As a result of the attack on Simon and the union, all RMT Voith members located at Longsight Traincare Depot have been instructed NOT to book on for any shifts that commence between:

•    19.00 hours on Thursday 12th June 2014 until 18.59 hours on Friday 13th June 2014

RMT Acting General Secretary Mick Cash said:

“Simon Upton is an active and hardworking union representative who has continually defended RMT members. He has been at the forefront of organising a solid, fighting union within the company which has led to major improvements in terms and conditions. This whole situation stinks of local management looking to settle scores and they are using the flimsiest of opportunities to do so. RMT is calling for Simon’s immediate reinstatement.

“The fact that this blatant union-busting is happening on Sir Richard Branson’s prestige inter-city route up the West Coast should leave everyone involved hanging their heads in shame.

“RMT remains available for talks to resolve this wholly avoidable dispute.”


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