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RMT on BP profits announcement
“Coming hot on the heels of the Shell announcement these obscene BP profits and shareholder dividends are indefensible while our key workers face crippling energy bills and the economy fails. These figures only serve to illustrate why public ownership and...
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RMT condemns BP profiteering
TRANSPORT and Maritime Union RMT today called on the UK Government to deliver guarantees for UK workers following BP's announcement of £2.5bn second quarter profits for 2021 and a dividend scheme that locks in a 4% increase from oil and gas operations,...
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RMT condemns BP jobs carnage
The union says that hard working BP staff have endured 4-years and more of austerity and cuts associated with the downturn which the industry was just coming out of before the Covid-19 pandemic began. To be faced with further attrition...
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RMT condemns Government for supporting BP dividend payout
The comments supporting BP's decision were made by Leader of the House Jacob Rees-Mogg this afternoon. Mick Cash, RMT General Secretary said: “This is the latest display of corporate greed at the expense of offshore oil and gas workers facing...
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Offshore union RMT responds to BP axing 600 jobs
Mick Cash, General Secretary of offshore union RMT, said; “This is yet more bad news for the UK’s battered offshore industry and RMT notes that the bulk of these jobs are due to be axed over the next twelve months...
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Oil giant BP served with maintenance improvement notice
As unions enter into  crisis talks with oil and gas chiefs in Aberdeen today, offshore union RMT has released an improvement notice served on BP which exposes the inherent dangers of axing staff when a backlog of essential works is...
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Threat to UK energy security from BP North Sea job losses
RMT General Secretary Mick Cash said:   “In the wake of the current price slump RMT is demanding that Westminster and the Scottish Parliament adopt a crisis management approach today to ensure sustained production, maintenance of infrastructure, retention of skills,...
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RMT responds to confirmation by BP of 300 job losses
“RMT believes that the industry is making offshore workers carry the can for their failure to plan for lean times such as these. Instead they have gone for a short term “slash and burn” approach that will have long term...
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