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RMT on hottest day ever in Britain
"Climate change is one of the most significant challenges faced by humanity and the railways is part of the sustainable green future people need. "The government is committing industrial and environmental vandalism by making these cuts. At the same time,...
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RMT calls on London Mayor
Responding to the The London Mayors appointment as chair of C40 the network of the world’s megacities committed to addressing climate change RMT General Secretary Mick Lynch said “Harmful emissions from car congested cities are accelerating climate change and pollution,...
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Transport union RMT responds to Government net zero strategy
“Transport is the highest emitting sector of harmful greenhouse gas emissions in the UK, and the majority of transport emissions come from cars. Urgent and far-reaching action is needed if we have any chance of meeting our climate change targets....
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RMT evidence submission to DFECC
In an evidence gathering exercise with the Department for Energy and Climate Change today – 3rd November – offshore union RMT will submit documentation that confronts the Oil and Gas Authority head on with a wide range of issues that...
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