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Pandemic profiteering creams off 7p in every pound
RAIL UNION RMT today revealed that for the first year of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Government gave the private train operators over £150m in fees for profits which the Union estimates to be equivalent to nearly 7p of every pound...
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RMT research reveals COVID corporate cash grab scandal
As the Government increases passenger rail fares by 2.6% today, new research by RMT reveals that the private train operating and rolling stock companies’ profits from last year stand to be equivalent to 15 pence of every pound passengers paid on fares...
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RMT responds to Government’s extension of Emergency Measures
Responding to an announcement that the Government is extending Emergency Measures Agreements on UK rail franchises with new ERMA’s contracts transport union RMT today called on the Government to cut out the middleman and bring all UK rail franchises into...
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RMT responds to Govt extension of emergency measures on GWR
Senior Assistant General Secretary Mick Lynch said; "It's vital that the Government continue to finance our railways as the broken privatised system has shown it simply cannot withstand a crisis. With Ministers pushing their back to work drive we need...
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