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RMT reacts to High Court decision on Stagecoach
RAIL UNION RMT today responded to a decision by the High Court ruling against Train Operating Company Stagecoach Group Plc following attempts to sue the Secretary of State for Transport regarding decisions to disqualify the Group from three rail franchise...
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RMT responds to Government spin on £500 million investment
General Secretary Mick Cash said; "The idea that this is a reversal of the Beeching Cuts is PR spin way out of control. This is a bare-faced attempt to distract attention from the daily chaos on Northern, South Western, Trans...
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RMT on Queen's Speech
General Secretary Mick Cash said; "As we suspected all we are getting is the current failed rail franchising model re-packaged and re-branded. It's the same old "commercial model" and the Tory principle that profits and privatisation come first remains locked...
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RMT slams Government for withholding key franchise data
RAIL UNION RMT today accused the Government of operating a great rail cover up as it emerged that key financial data on Britain’s rail franchises, data that was available in the past, is now being deliberately withheld by the DFT....
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RMT calls for forensic inquiry into rail franchising
RAIL UNION RMT today called for an immediate forensic inquiry into the sustainability of the government’s rail franchising programme as the former Transport Minister, Lord Adonis, warned that First group was losing “big money” on the Transpennine Express franchise and...
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RMT on Transport Committee report on rail franchising
" The Committee is right to say that rail franchising is not fit for purpose but all the hard evidence shows that franchising is a fiasco that is beyond reform and which needs to be replaced with a publicly owned railway...
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RMT rejects bus franchising attempt
BUS UNION RMT warned today that the government is set to imminently publish a Buses Bill designed to export the “franchising” model from the railways and onto our buses. The warning comes on the day that RMT’s annual bus workers...
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Report on rail franchising is "hopelessly inadequate"
General Secretary Mick Cash said; “This report from the Public Accounts Committee on rail franchising is hopelessly inadequate. It attempts to create the impression that the Great Rail Rip-off can be halted by a bit of tinkering with the franchising...
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RMT hits back at “loaded” and “unreal” NAO report
Rail union RMT has hit back at a report on rail franchising from the National Audit Office today – Tuesday 24th November – which the union describes as loaded in favour of continued private profiteering, being light-years away from the...
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