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RMT slams Department for Transport
TRANSPORT UNION RMT today described the Department for Transport’s plans to further extend HGV drivers’ hours as “reckless” and “dangerous” as the Government attempts to respond to the impacts of the Omicron wave on the road haulage sector. This extension...
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RMT condemns unsafe extension to lorry drivers’ hours
TRANSPORT UNION RMT today condemned the Government’s unsafe extension to road haulage driver’s permitted driving hours due to a significant labour shortage of lorry drivers. Lorry drivers will be permitted to legally extend their driving hours to previously illegal levels...
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RMT calls for an absolute ban on contracting out
Rail union RMT called today for an absolute ban on contracting out‎, an end to the cuts culture, and the replacement of the ORR with a genuinely independent safety regulator after a shocking RAIB report into a track worker death...
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MPs back RMT demands to cut dangerously long bus hours
Last year the union surveyed RMT bus worker members to ask about their experiences of working in the industry, as part of our response to the Transport Committee inquiry into 'The Health of the Bus Market'. Hundreds of our members...
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Victory on zero hours contracts on P&O Dover-Calais route
With a major political focus on zero hours contracts in the current general election campaign, transport and shipping union RMT has confirmed today that it has secured a major victory, reversing the zero hours status for a sizable number of...
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