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RMT reiterates "Vote Leave" message
One of Britain's most powerful unions today urged its members and trade unionists to vote for "hope not fear" in the EU referendum and support a leave vote. In an email  to union members, RMT leader Mick Cash voted urged...
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A united Labour Movement Many great figures of the Labour moment such as Tony Benn, Michael Foot and Bob Crow were firmly against the EU. Millions of Labour voters oppose the EU and we believe a similar number of trade...
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As EU imposes rail privatisation – RMT says "vote to Leave"
Under the proposals in the EU’s so-called Fourth Railway Package, train operators would have complete access to the networks of member states to operate domestic passenger services. The European Council had already agreed that mandatory competitive tendering should be the...
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Vote to Leave the EU to save Scottish Ferries
Transport union RMT will today call for a Leave vote in the forthcoming EU referendum to save Caledonian MacBrayne Ferry services from privatisation. CalMac Campaign Card Transport union RMT will today call for a Leave vote in the forthcoming EU...
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RMT sets out six key reasons for leaving the EU
1.    Leave the EU to end attacks on rail workers New EU rail policies are set to further entrench rail privatisation and fragmentation. That will also mean more attacks or jobs and conditions and EU laws will make it impossible...
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