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RMT condemn "cowardly" Carlisle Support Services bosses threats to workers
Following the successful industrial action ballot earlier this week, where workers voted overwhelmingly for strike action over pay and holiday allowance, the company has been accused of threatening RMT members.   Reports have come in of the company demanding to...
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RMT renews demands for all rail services to be renationalised
RAIL UNION RMT today renewed its demands for all rail services to be taken into public ownership after the public owned Operator of Last Resort (OLR) was given a 5 year extension to its running of Northern. On the same day...
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RMT secures massive living wage victory for rail workers
After a long-running campaign rail union RMT announced this morning that it has finally reached agreement with Carlisle Support Services Ltd to pay the Living Wage Foundation rate of pay of £9.30 per hour from 1st April to all staff...
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