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Strike action goes ahead on Hull Trains on Sunday
RAIL UNION RMT confirmed today that strike action on Hull Trains goes ahead on Sunday 8th August in a fight to defend decent pension rights and to force the company to honour their long-standing obligations to staff. Despite talks at...
Region: North East
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RMT warning over new Government proposals
Carilllion union RMT warned today that proposed measures to tighten up the audit, dividend and bonus culture after the devastating collapse of a number of household names, with dire consequences for the workforce, may not be enough to reign in...
Region: National
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RMT warns of jobs, pay and pensions carve up
RAIL UNION RMT warned today that the Department for Transport is gearing up for an all-out assault on jobs, pay and pensions as it has emerged that it is advertising for a paid-up union buster to take on the workforce....
Region: National
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RMT to begin balloting for action at Wightlink
WIGHTLINK UNION RMT confirmed today that it has begun balloting over 400 ferry workers for both strike action and action short of a strike after negotiations failed to produce an offer on pensions and terms and conditions that meets the very...
Region: Wessex
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RMT Demands Pension Justice for Maritime Workers
In the week when we acknowledge the courageous work of our seafarers, who continue to provide a service to the UK during the COVID-19 crisis, seafarers' union RMT has produced evidence that shipping employers are providing maritime workers with inadequate...
Region: National
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RMT prepares to ballot for national rail strike
RAIL UNION RMT said today that is preparing to ballot for the first national rail strike since privatisation over twenty years ago after the Government and the train companies failed to respond to requests from the union for cast iron...
Region: National
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Mick Cash to warn of co-ordinated action over pension threat
At a meeting this lunchtime at the Scottish TUC in Dundee RMT General Secretary Mick Cash will warn in stark terms of national, coordinated industrial action if there is any threat to staff pensions as a result of the collapse...
Region: National
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RMT's Mick Cash warns of national industrial action
RMT General Secretary Mick Cash warned today that any attempt to attack the pension rights of staff employed by train operating companies will result in industrial action ballots and co-ordinated action to defend the benefits accrued by the workforce. The...
Region: National
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Freightliner staff to strike on 15th March over pensions
Rail union RMT has confirmed members working for Freightliner Ltd and Freightliner Heavy Haul Ltd will be taking strike action on Friday 15 th March.   Members have given an overwhelming mandate to support strike action in defence of their pension...
Region: National
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RMT secures massive victory on Tube Lines
TUBE UNION RMT confirmed today that it has secured a massive victory for Tube Lines maintenance staff on London Underground on pensions, pay and Night Tube: 1.    Pensions: Access to the TfL Pension Fund for all current employees and new...
Region: South East and Anglia
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Cameron Plays Fagin – Pickpocketing Railway Staff Pensions
‘The government, once again, is raiding workers’ pensions to fund tax cuts for the rich,’ said union leaders after the meeting. ‘It’s not fair, and it’s not right, that ordinary working men and women will end up footing the bill.’...
Region: National
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TfL staff to lobby board meeting at City Hall
For the best part of a year, TFL have point-blank refused to engage in serious negotiations over their plans for what amount to a performance-related pay freeze and savage cuts to pension rights. The savage attacks that TFL are looking...
Region: South East and Anglia
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TfL staff to strike on Friday over attack on pay and pension
Members have been instructed not to book on for any shifts that commence between:- •    0600 hours Friday 9th May 2014 and 0559 hours Saturday 10th May 2014. The action is in protest at TFL’s plans to impose their “Pay for Performance” proposals Over...
Region: South East and Anglia
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Transport for London - Amended Industrial Action
Our Ref: TFL/0001 28th January 2014 TO ALL RMT MEMBERS TRANSPORT FOR LONDON Dear colleague PAY FOR PERFORMANCE – DEFEND YOUR PENSIONABLE PAY – TRANSPORT FOR LONDON AMENDED INDUSTRIAL ACTION Further to my previous correspondence, I would again like to congratulate...
Region: South East and Anglia
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