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Rail rolling stock company turns taxpayers’ money into dividends
Angel Trains, one of the three ROSCOs who lease trains to the train operating companies, has a parent company registered in the tax haven Jersey, named Willow Topco but, as a result, it’s difficult to see it’s accounts.  However, on...
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Railway rolling stock fat cats paid out £1 billion
Rolling stock fatcats paid out nearly £1 billion in dividends at taxpayers’ expense last year, the RMT revealed today in a new report, the equivalent of half the £2 billion in fares paid by passengers and or 23% of the £8.3...
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New figures show the reality of the Great British Rail Rip Off
Ahead of the government announcing rail reforms this week rail union RMT says that new figures show the reality of the Great British Rail Rip Off as a train owning company pays out a £46.5 million dividend funded by Government...
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RMT research reveals COVID corporate cash grab scandal
As the Government increases passenger rail fares by 2.6% today, new research by RMT reveals that the private train operating and rolling stock companies’ profits from last year stand to be equivalent to 15 pence of every pound passengers paid on fares...
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Minister confirms that the public pay for railway profiteering
RAIL UNION RMT has renewed the call to end the great rail rip-off after it revealed that the government has confirmed that the taxpayer will continue to ‘pick up the tab’ for profiteering on the ownership of trains on Britain’s...
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The ROSCO racket
New RMT research has revealed that the private companies responsible for supplying trains to the railways have been paying massive dividends to their shareholders – money that could have funded hundreds of new vehicles – while shuffling money away into...
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RMT exposes new £1.2 billion privatised rail rip-off
These three companies paid £1.2 billion in dividends to their shareholders between 2012 and 2018, enough to fund 700 new vehicles, while figures on inter-company lending suggest that this is just the tip of the iceberg. ‘The ROSCO Racket’ shines a light on...
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