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RMT expresses condolences over India railway tragedy
More than 300 are reported dead with 900 injured with the casualty list expected to rise in the coming hours and days.    RMT General Secretary Mick Lynch said: “The thoughts of everyone within the RMT are with Indian railway workers, passengers...
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RMT marks 21 years since Potters Bar tragedy
On 10 May 2002, a northbound train to Norfolk, derailed at high speed, killing seven and injuring 76 at Potters Bar station leaving part of the train wedged between the station platforms and building structures.  Six of the victims were travelling in the...
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RMT sends solidarity to Greek railway workers
Mr Lynch writes: "On behalf of the National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers (RMT Union) I am writing to you to express our deepest condolences and solidarity with the Panhellenic Union of Railways (POS) and all Greek rail...
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RMT calls for Clapham lessons to be learnt
RAIL UNION RMT will today mark the 30th anniversary of the terrible carnage of the Clapham rail disaster, which left 35 dead and injured hundreds more, with a call to ensure such accidents never happen again. On December 12 1988 a crowded train...
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