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ScotRail renationalised
On the day the ScotRail franchise enters public ownership, rail union RMT has repeated its demands for Caledonian Sleeper to be brought into public ownership as part of an integrated Scottish rail passenger network. These demands come as RMT reveals...
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Union to meet new Transport Minister
Following the Scottish Government’s announcement in the Parliament yesterday that it is holding a ‘National Conversation’ about a ‘New Beginning’ for ScotRail, which enters public ownership on 1 April 2022, RMT warns that this ‘New Beginning’ must not mean cuts to ticket...
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RMT warns of climate cost of latest Scottish rail fare hike
Union also warns that rail service and ticket office cuts mean passengers will be paying “more for less” As rail passengers in Scotland face a fares hike of 3.8%, analysis by rail union RMT reveals that since the start of 2012, regulated...
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£9.3m in fees handed to Scottish private rail operators
RAIL UNION RMT today condemned the Scottish Government’s continued refusal to fund a pay award for ScotRail and Caledonian Sleeper workers, as the union published research which found that the fees, totalling over £9.3m, paid to operators Abellio and Serco...
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RMT response to Scottish Government decision
CALMAC Union RMT today responded to the Scottish Government's decision to permit CalMac to break collective bargaining agreements with all the recognised CalMac unions in order to time charter the Isle of Man registered MV Arrow freight ship. The vessel,...
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RMT demands summit to resolve the crises on Scotland's Ferries
RMT General Secretary, Mick Lynch said: “I am writing to repeat RMT’s demand that the Scottish Government call an urgent summit meeting to discuss the crisis engulfing lifeline ferry services in the west of Scotland. “Although there is understandable frustration...
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RMT welcomes support from Scottish MSPs
On the eve of ACAS talks between RMT and Serco in relation to an ongoing dispute over pay justice for Caledonian Sleeper workers, the Union has welcomed support from MSPs for a Scottish Parliamentary motion which calls on the Scottish...
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RMT condemns the Scottish Government’s veil of secrecy
RAIL UNION RMT is today demanding that the Scottish Government come clean over how much has been paid so far in performance and management fees to fund profits for the private rail operators of the ScotRail and Caledonian Sleeper franchises...
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RMT responds to Just Transition Commission's final report
RMT General Secretary Mick Cash, said: “The Just Transition Commission’s report is a step in the right direction but we need to pick up the pace. “Just transition plans, local jobs in offshore wind, decarbonising public transport and skills guarantees,...
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RMT welcomes Scottish Government’s ScotRail announcement
RMT General Secretary Mick Cash said: “RMT welcomes today’s announcement from the Scottish Government that ScotRail services will be run in the public sector, via the Operator of Last Resort, from March 2022 when the current Abellio franchise expires. We have...
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RMT calls on the Scottish Government to stop the excuses
Ahead of a statement in the Scottish Parliament on Wednesday at which the Scottish Government is expected to set out its plans for the ScotRail franchise when the Abellio contract ends in March 2022, Rail Union RMT is reiterating its calls...
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Scottish Government set to reward ScotRail failure
RAIL UNION RMT today expressed its concern that the Scottish Government’s proposed revised ‘Franchising Policy Statement’ is laying the groundwork to give Dutch state-owned Abellio a direct award when the franchise ends next year, despite its well documented poor performance,...
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RMT ramps up political pressure on Scotland’s MSP’s
SCOTTISH FERRIES UNION RMT has told Scotland’s MSPs today that it intends to make the ongoing pay dispute at CalMac Ferries a major political issue in the forthcoming elections in May. The union believes that the company, which provides a...
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RMT response to Scottish Parliament Committee Report into ferries contracts
RMT General Secretary, Mick Cash, said; “It’s pretty clear from this report that the Scottish Government rushed these contracts because it had fallen behind in delivering its Ferries Plan. That political haste wasted millions in public funds and means that...
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Scottish Government paying fee to Dutch state railways
As thousands of RMT ScotRail workers are being balloted for strike action an internal memo sent by rail bosses to their staff has revealed the Scottish Government is blocking pay negotiations. The memo to staff dated 16th November sent by...
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RMT research reveals extent of Scottish rail companies Covid profiteering
RAIL UNION RMT has released new research that shows private Train Operating Companies and Rolling Stock Companies in Scotland are set to be handed in the region of £28 million in profit, under the ongoing Emergency Measures Agreements, which is...
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No more excuses for Scottish Government
RAIL UNION RMT says that the announcement by the Welsh Labour government today that it is to take rail passenger services into public ownership means that there should now be no more excuses for the Scottish Government not to take...
Region: Scotland
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RMT calls for halt to ticket office cuts
RAIL UNION RMT is calling for a stop to proposed cuts at Glasgow Queen Street’s ticket offices in the station’s travel shop. Glasgow Queen Street station, which is Scotland's third busiest railway station, has been in redevelopment for some time....
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RMT demands action over latest CalMac Ferries fiasco
In response to the Rural Economy and Connectivity Committee’s request, the union has expressed serious concerns over the procurement, design and construction process that has seen delivery of two new ferries on the Ardossan-Brodick and Uig-Tarbert/Uig-Lochmaddy routes put back for...
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RMT calls for action from Freightliner
RAIL UNION RMT is calling on Freightliner Ltd and the Scottish Government to take immediate action to secure the future of one of Scotland’s key rail freight terminals at Coatbridge, North Lanarkshire. Freightliner Ltd is considering the future of the...
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RMT demands public ownership of ScotRail
On the fifth anniversary of Dutch State owned Abellio being awarded the Scotrail Franchise, rail union RMT has revealed that nearly 12,000 more trains have been cancelled in the last year alone beyond the level specified in the franchise agreement. In...
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Scotrail set to default on rail franchise
RMT General Secretary Mick Cash said: ‘The Scotrail franchise has been in disarray for years and passengers have rightly had enough. Recent news that passenger numbers have dropped by more than 1 million proves that the travelling public are shunning Scotrail....
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Scottish Government’s Transport Police proposals
The safety and security of rail workers and passengers will be put at greater risk if MSP's do not oppose the Scottish Government’s legislative plans to abolish the British Transport Police, the largest rail union has warned ahead of a...
Region: Scotland
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Major breakthrough in low pay fight on Seatruck
General Secretary Mick Cash said " After years of behind the scenes pressure by RMT officials, and high profile campaigning last year, RMT is delighted that at last the Scottish Government have publicly stated they will pay at least the national...
Region: Scotland
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RMT calls on Scottish Government to renationalise rail
RAIL UNION RMT has described the recent announcement of a £3 million pound subsidy for fare reductions on Abellio Scotrail by the Scottish government as a bribe and reissued it’s call for the essential transport service to be brought back...
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RMT ramps up pressure on Scotrail
General Secretary Mick Cash said:   "RMT's demand is clear. We know that the Abellio experiment on Scotrail has been a disaster and has been a ‎betrayal of the Scottish people exactly as we said from the off.   "RMT...
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