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RMT launch 3 days of national train strike action
Over 50,000 railway workers will walkout as part of 3 days of national strike action later this month, in the biggest dispute on the network since 1989. The union will shut down the country's railway network on 21st, 23rd and 25th June, due...
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Pandemic profiteering creams off 7p in every pound
RAIL UNION RMT today revealed that for the first year of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Government gave the private train operators over £150m in fees for profits which the Union estimates to be equivalent to nearly 7p of every pound...
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RMT calls for halt to planned cuts
RAIL UNION RMT has called for a reversal of planned cuts across Network Rail, TFL and the train operating companies after the rail minister said today that the Government are expecting passenger numbers to return to pre-COVID levels as the...
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RMT research reveals COVID corporate cash grab scandal
As the Government increases passenger rail fares by 2.6% today, new research by RMT reveals that the private train operating and rolling stock companies’ profits from last year stand to be equivalent to 15 pence of every pound passengers paid on fares...
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RMT on Coronavirus bailout bonanza for TOC's
Britain’s private rail companies stand to make almost £500 million in profits over the next 12 months according to new research, amid widespread speculation that the government is about to extend its Emergency Measures Agreements. Analysis of ministerial answers to questions...
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