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RMT demands suspension of on-train ticketing duties
RAIL UNION RMT is today demanding that the Government immediately suspends on-train revenue protection and ticket inspection across all Train Operating Companies, after a survey of RMT on-board staff indicates that 7 out of 17 Train Operating Companies (TOCs) operating through national...
Region: National
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RMT on politically motivated attacks on TfL
TRANSPORT UNION RMT has revealed today that Londoners face a bleak future in which the capital’s transport network will be starved of money if the government gets its way. The union’s research exposes the double standards at the heart of...
Region: South East and Anglia
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Ministers confirm £3.5 billion rail bail out
RAIL UNION RMT said that despite parliamentary answers confirming today that Train Operating Companies are to be bailed out by the Government to the tune of £3.5 Billion it is still totally unclear whether new contracts will be agreed by...
Region: National
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Rail passengers lose fifty four million hours per year
Rail passengers suffer equivalent of fifty four million hours in wasted time a year due to train company and infrastructure failures New research by rail union RMT has found that approximately fifty four million hours, the equivalent to 6154 years, of...
Region: National
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