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RMT writes to Transport Secretary ahead of Saturday strike
Over 40,000 railway workers will take an eighth day of strike action in an on-going national rail dispute with Network Rail and 14 train operating companies. In the letter, Mr Lynch acknowledged the comments made by the Transport Secretary at the Tory...
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RMT seeks urgent meeting over Avanti crisis
Avanti West Coast have drastically reduced their timetable including temporarily suspending ticket sales and only running four trains an hour from London Euston, one to each of Glasgow, Liverpool, Manchester and Birmingham. The company has also made unsubstantiated allegations of...
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RMT calls for face to face meeting with Shapps
The railways will be shut down for 3 days on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, when workers from Network Rail and 13 train operating companies take to picket lines across the country in a row over pay and job losses. In a letter...
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RMT attacks cleaning cost cutting
The railway union condemned the move which puts vital cleaning jobs at risk on Essex Thameside services. This despite all the evidence that clean trains are essential to restoring public confidence post the height of the Covid pandemic. Bidvest Noonan...
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RMT slams “out of touch” Shapps
RAIL UNION RMT today accused the Transport Secretary Grant Shapps MP of gross insensitivity and insulting thousands of rail workers who are facing a cost-of-living crisis and job insecurity as the Conservative Government continues with their policy of a sector...
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RMT responds to Government review
RAIL UNION RMT has responded to an announcement by the Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps MP to review the National Policy Statement for National Networks. The review would include all long-term plans for major rail and road schemes but the union...
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RMT responds to announcement of DfT’s Transport Acceleration Unit
“Whilst we welcome the Government having a renewed focus on speeding up the investment, building and reopening of vital rail links it is nonsensical that this new Transport Acceleration Unit will predominantly focus on new roads when we are in...
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RMT responds to confirmation that Government has nationalised Train Company debt
This follows rumours that some train operating companies are on the verge of being fully renationalised and would join Government run and publicly owned London North Eastern Railway (LNER) and Northern Trains.‎ RMT says that the move must now pave...
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RMT on Coronavirus bailout bonanza for TOC's
Britain’s private rail companies stand to make almost £500 million in profits over the next 12 months according to new research, amid widespread speculation that the government is about to extend its Emergency Measures Agreements. Analysis of ministerial answers to questions...
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RMT responds to Prime Minister’s announcement
Senior Assistant General Secretary Mick Lynch said; “Covid-19 is waging war against both lives and livelihoods but in recent days the government’s response has once again been mired in chaos, confusion and mixed messaging. “Today we are seeking urgent talks...
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RMT calls for an end to the charade of rail privatisation
RAIL UNION RMT today demanded that the government end the charade of privatisation and the grotesque waste of franchising after it was confirmed that the Office for National Statistics have reclassified the debts of the private train operators as part...
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RMT calls on Government to scrap shambles of rail volunteer stunt
RMT Assistant General Secretary Mick Lynch said; "RMT warned from the off that this half-baked Government PR stunt was a waste of time and a diversion from the challenges we really face on the railway as lockdown is eased and...
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RMT on £7 Billion Covid-19 support for transport sector‎
“This should not just be a blank cheque for private transport operators but instead should be linked to taking transport services into public ownership to ensure every penny is spent on protecting safety and the economy alongside strict requirements to...
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RMT writes to Grant Shapps over face masks
Transport union RMT has written to the Secretary of State Grant Shapps to warn a lack of consultation and proper discussion in the transport industry means that the requirement for face masks on public transport from 15th June risks being...
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RMT responds to Government briefing this evening on transport services
“Grant Shapps saying “it’s our civic duty to avoid using public transport” is a disgraceful way to shift the blame onto workers who have been left with little choice but to use public transport when it is his Government’s responsibility...
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RMT exposes new £1.2 billion privatised rail rip-off
These three companies paid £1.2 billion in dividends to their shareholders between 2012 and 2018, enough to fund 700 new vehicles, while figures on inter-company lending suggest that this is just the tip of the iceberg. ‘The ROSCO Racket’ shines a light on...
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RMT's Mick Cash repeats call for "Failing Grayling" to go
RMT's Mick Cash repeats call for "Failing Grayling" to go as scale of probation service scandal emerges RAIL UNION General Secretary Mick Cash this morning repeated the call for Transport Secretary Chris Grayling to go as the scale of the...
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RMT calls for Chris Grayling's resignation
RMT General Secretary Mick Cash said; "The chaos into Waterloo this morning is just another example of the fragmentation and division on Britain's privatised railways where‎ maintenance schedules and budgets are hacked to the bare bones while private operators like...
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Chris Grayling: Specialist in failure
As Chris Grayling is called before Transport Committee to explain rail electrification fiasco today RMT sets out full charge sheet against "specialist in failure" Transport Secretary  As Transport Secretary Chris Grayling is hauled before the Transport Select Committee today, Monday...
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RMT calls for details on Aslef deal with Southern
Rail union RMT has today written to Transport Secretary Chris Grayling calling for full disclosure of the details after hearing reports that a deal had been agreed between ASLEF and Southern/GTR in the Driver Only Operation dispute. With Southern staff...
Region: South East and Anglia
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RMT calls for urgent meeting with transport secretary
Transport union RMT today called for urgent talks with re-appointed transport secretary Chris Grayling over the axing of guards by train companies, the impact of budget cuts at Transport for London and the threat to safety of major cuts at...
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RMT to lobby Chris Grayling
RAIL UNION RMT is to lobby a major speech on rail policy by Transport Secretary Chris Grayling in Central London tomorrow evening – 6th December – bang smack in the middle of the latest phase of action by guards on...
Region: South East and Anglia
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RMT responds to Transport Secretary on Network Rail
"To argue that delays to electrification in the‎ North and on the Midland Main Line is consistent with George Osborne's "Northern Powerhouse" rhetoric is ridiculous. Britain's railways will be jammed in the slow lane all the time they are nothing...
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RMT slams Transport Secretary attack on workers rights
"Let's not forget that the Tories took a huge wedge of cash from Jon Moulton, the guy who folded City Link on Christmas Day leaving thousands of workers facing ruin. It's no surprise that they are demanding new legislation which...
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