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Transport targeted for new raft of Tory anti-union laws
General Secretary Mick Cash said; "This morning the Tory Government confirm that transport is one of the sectors that they will be targeting with their new wave of oppressive anti-union laws as they seek to ban strikes by the back...
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RMT motion on anti-union laws carried overwhelmingly
A key motion from transport union RMT setting out a strategy for fighting the Tory Trade Union Bill has been overwhelmingly carried at the TUC this morning. Moved by RMT president Peter Pinkney the motion calls for mass mobilisations and...
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RMT responds to new raft of anti-union laws
The response of this Government mirrors the actions of hard-right regimes throughout history - shackle the unions, criminalise it's members and use a raft of new laws to try and bankrupt workers' organisations. "It is not lost on us that this...
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RMT on Queen's Speech attack on unions
This is the clearest possible case of one law for the political class and another for the working class. Only a tiny handful of the hypocrites advocating these ballot thresholds has ever been elected on the same kind of percentages...
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MP's call for justice for RMT official Mark Harding
MP's call for justice for RMT official Mark Harding as he faces imprisonment under UK anti-union laws MPs and trade union leaders have issued a statement calling for London Underground RMT Branch Official Mark Harding to receive a fair trial...
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