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Avanti chaos reaches catering services
Despite promising enhanced catering services on the franchise when it took over from Virgin, Avanti West Coast has cut 175 catering jobs which has led to staff shortages, plummeting levels of service and massive uncertainty.   RMT general secretary Mick Lynch...
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RMT warns of private rail franchise free for all chaos
Rail union RMT today warned of total chaos on the railways as it emerged that the private rail contractors club – the Rail Delivery Group - is calling for a new era of wholesale deregulation on the tracks that would effectively...
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RMT's Mick Cash on prediction of further rail chaos
RMT General Secretary Mick Cash said; "The only way that you can improve the strategic management of Britain's broken and fragmented railways is through the return of the whole system to one integrated and publicly owned operation free from profiteering...
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RMT calls for Northern to be stripped of franchise
RMT General Secretary Mick Cash said; "Yet again today services on Arriva Rail North have been reduced to chaos as this basket case franchise lurches from crisis to crisis. Northern have chosen to declare war on their passengers and staff...
Region: North West
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RMT accuses GTR of playing for time over timetable chaos
RAIL UNION RMT has accused basket-case private rail operator GTR of "playing for time and treating passengers and staff like a bunch of mugs" as the company produced a well-resourced barrage of propaganda and excuses yesterday evening and this morning...
Region: South East and Anglia
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Total chaos on Southern Rail and Gatwick Express last night
"It's all very well Southern trying to blame Network Rail for the chaos that hit services last night but the fact remains that if the company wasn't hoarding £100 million in profits that cash could be invested in renewals and...
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RMT on continuing London Rail chaos today
"It is about time Network Rail properly valued those staff who are battling to keep services moving that are routinely running right on the edge. " The hundreds of millions of pounds bled from our railways by privatisation would have gone...
Region: South East and Anglia
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RMT lifts lid on the truth behind the London Bridge chaos
*New track and signalling layout poorly installed* *Incorrect procedures followed* *Corners cut on quality of new points* *Network Rail engineers left to correct contractor faults* *Some installation mistakes potentially dangerous* *Concerns raised by union members ignored*   Rail union RMT...
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Chaos continues at London Bridge and across Capital
General Secretary Mick Cash said. "PR stunts and sticking plaster solutions were never going to end the dangerous chaos at London Bridge. Our signalling members warned repeatedly that this was a disaster waiting to happen when they first saw the...
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RMT on this morning's Tube chaos
The only solution is to reverse the entire tube cuts programme which leaves whole sections of the underground network teetering on the edge. That is no way to run a mass transit system in a global capital city.” “London Underground...
Region: South East and Anglia
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