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RMT reacts to scrapping of HS2 Northern leg
 "High Speed rail together with a modern expanding public transport network is key to the future of linking every part of our country together, from north to south and East to West.   "Public transport investment is not an either-or...
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Boris Johnson’s bluster
RMT, the union for UK seafarers, today released figures showing that Boris Johnson’s bluster on Tories supporting UK employment and wage growth is blown away by statistics revealing a massive decline in UK seafarer employment, compounded by poverty wages in...
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RMT on Johnson speech
RMT says Johnson speech on high skill, high wage workforce a million miles from the reality of pay freezes, exploitation and skills shortages that threaten transport services General Secretary Mick Lynch said; “Its hypocrisy in the extreme for the prime...
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RMT on Grayling's Tory Conference speech
RAIL UNION RMT said today that the speech from Transport Secretary Chris Grayling to the Tory Party Conference today was “just another stream for verbal garbage from a politician who has made a speciality out of failure on an industrial...
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RMT responds to Government's Network Rail asset stripping
RAIL UNION RMT responds to a major asset sell-off plan announced by Network Rail today General Secretary Mick Cash said;   "This is the first step in a major asset stripping programme at the ‎publicly owned Network Rail by a...
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RMT slams Grayling over Northern transport shambles
‎General Secretary Mick Cash said; "The Tory Northern transport shambles continues today with Chris Grayling now wading in to local civic leaders just 24 hours after his former colleague George Osborne targeted his fire on his own side. This is a...
Region: North West
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RMT slams Osborne hypocrisy over rail "Northern Powerhouse"
General Secretary Mick Cash said; "The hypocrisy of former Tory Chancellor George Osborne as he tours the newsrooms fuelling the civil war inside the Tory Party is extraordinary. "This is a man who was the key player in Government's which...
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No public sector option for West Coast Partnership franchise
Rail union RMT hit back at the Government as it was confirmed this morning that the cheaper, more efficient public sector option has been excluded from the new West Coast/HS2 and South Eastern franchises. Instead, the union says that the...
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RMT responds to Queen’s Speech
“This is a flimsy piece of work from a minority Government with no mandate and no ideas. “The Government have nothing to say about the crisis blighting our privatised and fragmented railways which is there for all to see in...
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RMT response to Conservative manifesto
“The Conservative manifesto contains a string of empty and vague promises to improve rail services. Anyone who relies on the UK train network knows that the Tory promise of a rail ombudsman to sort all this mess out, is the...
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SOS2020 campaign at Scottish Conservative Party conference
MARITIME UNION RMT will be leafleting delegates at the Scottish Conservative Party conference tomorrow (Sat 4th March) in a bid to highlight the Save Our Seafarers 2020 campaign. RMT’s SOS2020 campaign aims to stop the race to the bottom in the...
Region: Scotland
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RMT response to latest Tory attempt to ban strikes
Mick Cash, RMT General Secretary, said: “These Tories would ban trade unions full stop if they could get away with it. Their objective is to turn the railways into a money-raking racket for their mates in the private train companies...
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RMT slams Transport Secretary attack on workers rights
"Let's not forget that the Tories took a huge wedge of cash from Jon Moulton, the guy who folded City Link on Christmas Day leaving thousands of workers facing ruin. It's no surprise that they are demanding new legislation which...
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