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RMT slams Osborne hypocrisy over rail "Northern Powerhouse"
General Secretary Mick Cash said; "The hypocrisy of former Tory Chancellor George Osborne as he tours the newsrooms fuelling the civil war inside the Tory Party is extraordinary. "This is a man who was the key player in Government's which...
Region: North East
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RMT response to latest Tory attempt to ban strikes
Mick Cash, RMT General Secretary, said: “These Tories would ban trade unions full stop if they could get away with it. Their objective is to turn the railways into a money-raking racket for their mates in the private train companies...
Region: National
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RMT slams Transport Secretary attack on workers rights
"Let's not forget that the Tories took a huge wedge of cash from Jon Moulton, the guy who folded City Link on Christmas Day leaving thousands of workers facing ruin. It's no surprise that they are demanding new legislation which...
Region: National
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