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Leeds Northern Rail staff strike again tomorrow
RMT members in Northern Rail’s Leeds  customer services department are striking again tomorrow – 15th Jan - in a fight over the down grading of pay and an attack on terms and conditions. Despite strenuous efforts by union negotiators Northern Rail...
Region: North East
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Northern Rail - Leeds Customer Relations Department strike
Picket Line outside Leeds City Station - picture attached. Solid support from RMT members as they continue to strike against Northern Rail's intention to reclassify and downgrade their established positions. General Secretary Mick Cash said: "RMT pledges full solidarity with our...
Region: North West
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Northern Rail Customer Relations Staff to take strike action
Customer Relations members at Leeds have been in dispute with Northern Rail since August over a job evaluation  of jobs in their department which led to an unacceptable downgrading from a CO4 to a CO2 grade. Our members were totally...
Region: North West
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